Algorithm that decodes rat squeaks

Young scientist from University of Washington developed computer algorithm called “deep squeak”. It helps to detect and analyse rat squeaks. Program is based on the same system that is used in self driving cars, helping them detect surrounding objects.

Scientists analysed many rat sounds and found out that they can be organized and definitely are not random. Did they found a prove that rats developed their own language?

Watch this awesome video to find out!

P.S. Thank you Iwo for supporting my passion and sending me links to awesome rat videos. It means a lot!

Story book about two little rats

If you are a rat fan, you probably saw Nadyart drawings on Instagram or anywhere in the Internet. She stole my heart with her art, that is subtle, but with perfect lines, and some warmth hidden between the ink and paper, that proves how artist loves rodents and other little creatures.

I remember Nadyart starting to sell small gadgets based on her drawings on Etsy – prints, buttons, and even necklaces. I wanted to have them all. Same as most of the rat lovers all over the internet. That is why, when I have heard that she is going to print out her own book about adventures of two tiny ratties, my hart jumped.

Right now on the Kickstarter there is a campaign ongoing, that will help artist to collect the money necessary to finish this project. Art and Story book will have a title “Wanderlust, My adventures to where you are”. With 32 pages of it you will find truly magical adventures of two tiny rattie characters, that will win your heart in a second when you will click the play button to see campaign video. Book actually won’t contain any text, but images painted with ink and white acrylic are building a captivating story that will boost your imagination same as emotions, without extra words.

Cute dumbo rats – Isabella and Oliver – are on a journey to find each other. Isabella’s journey forms part one of the book. Oliver’s travels make up the second part. Will they meet each other half way? You will find out when you will open your own copy of the book, so make sure to choose your pledge reward on the Kickstarter page within next days.

If the campaign is successful, and I am sure it will, book will be printed at the beginning of 2019. How wonderful start of the year! Having said that, I am keeping my fingers crossed for Nadyart who is my inspiration when it comes to following ones passion and making dreams came true. And I have to admit, it is also because she chose rats as inspiration for her art, thus giving her contribution to building a positive image of these animals, which I love with all my heart.






Hand made rat bookmark

I love to collect things with rats – cups, notepads, bags, bracelets. This week I could add to this collection a beautiful, hand made bookmark, which I won in the contest organised by RedHead Things. Done with watercolours and a pen, laminated, looks very solid and will be my companion for many interesting lectures. About rats of course!

Olena was more interested in a paper package (so much that I left it for her to play with). But maybe it’s better that the bookmark was left without her autograph.